Symphonie VC App

The Symphonie VC is a free app from the Romedis GmbH. It is used by orthopaedic technology mechanics for calculating the recommended pressure during prosthetic fittings, using the Symphonie Aqua System VC. How a prosthesis fits depends primarily on the form of the socket. Control, wearing comfort and adhesion are determined by the plaster impression. For the first time ever, the Symphonie Aqua System has made it possible to determine the stump’s burden within the prosthetic socket under actual conditions. When applying this technology, the resulting hydrostatic pressure allows for an individual impression of the state of the tissue, which can be exactly determined in the socket. Scarred and sensitive areas, as well as prominent locations on the bone are clearly recognized. When making the first impression for a properly fitting socket, the Symphonie Aqua System VC already makes it possible to regulate the hydrostatic pressure for the respective patient.


On the basis of the following parameters, the orthopaedic technician can calculate the recommended pressure with the VC App:

  • the patient’s weight in kilograms
  • the size of the stump on the MPT (Mid patella tendon)
  • the firmness of the connective tissue (soft, middle or hard)
  • the athleticism of the patient (1 = non-athletic – 4 = athletic)

Using the VC control device, the prevailing pressure in the Aqua System can be aligned with the patient’s recommended pressure during treatment.
The Symphonie VC App is presently in its early stages of development. In addition to calculating the recommended pressure, further functions will soon follow, e.g. storing of the patient’s treatment data.