Symphonie Aqua Pad

The new Aqua Pad has been developed for the cast taking of knee disarticulations.
The prevailing hydrostatics in a special membrane allow one to make plaster impressions of femoral condyles, in order to avoid pressure points in the socket.

Hydrostatic impression method for knee disarticulation amputation

The closed hydrostatic pad distributes the body weight in a perfectly even manner over the anatomical form of the distal end of the stump. The semi-elastic membrane adapts completely to the anatomical contours and provides a homogeneous weight distribution on the stump. Simultaneously, an impression of the anatomical contours of the distal end of the stump is also made.

The Perfect Addition to the Symphonie Aqua System VC

For special treatment of knee disarticulations, the Symphonie Aqua Pad can serve as an insert in the Symphonie Aqua System VC, enabling one to make perfect plaster impressions of femoral condyles and soft tissue conditions.