Symphonie Aqua Line

The revolutionary Symphonie Aqua Line focuses on development of the Symphonie Aqua System, which has made it possible, for the first time, to produce an entirely accurate fitting plaster impression for lower extremities while bearing full bodyweight. A complementary product, the Symphonie Aqua Pad, has been developed for the cast taking of knee disarticulations.

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Symphonie Aqua System

The innovative Symphonie Aqua System has, for the first time ever, enabled one to determine the stump’s burden within the prosthetic socket under actual conditions, and to produce a properly fitting plaster impression while the lower extremity is bearing full weight.
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Symphonie Aqua Pad

The new Aqua Pad has been developed for the cast taking of knee disarticulations. The prevailing hydrostatics in a special membrane allow one to make plaster impressions of femoral condyles, in order to avoid pressure points in the socket.
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Patient Stories

For the first time – completely without pain ...

And up to today, about a half year after receiving a prosthetic socket with the aid of the Aqua System, I haven’t had even the slightest problem with it. Back then, I donned the new prosthetic socket and walked immediately, without any problems and most importantly, absolutely free of pain.


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In orthotics and prosthetics, meeting the need for generating high-quality products poses a challenge. Establishing a balance between individual requirements, mobility and necessity constantly demands technical development.
In a practical and forward-looking manner, we provide functional and marketable products, from the initial idea to their production.Our product innovation, which provides new systems in prosthetics, are setting global standards. Innovation enables society to meet its responsibility for raising the quality of life of the handicapped in an effective and practical way. Orthopaedic technology is being redefined by Romedis innovations.

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We are driven by the goal of continually redefining orthopaedic technology through game-changing innovation. Consequently, we strive daily to further enhance our products.
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Barrierefrei Magazin

“I put on the new prosthesis and walked immediately -- for the first time in 30 years without problems and absolutely free of pain.” The interview with Mr. Christian D., which appeared in “Barrierefrei” magazine, confirms the innovative functionality of the Symphonie Aqua System.


Our free Symphonie VC App was developed in order to shorten the time needed for reaching optimal results in prosthetic care. It is used by orthopaedic technology mechanics for calculating the recommended pressure during prosthetic fittings, using the Symphonie Aqua System VC.
Symphonie VC App