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“I put on the new prosthesis and walked immediately — for the first time in 30 years without problems and absolutely free of pain.”

Christian D. – prosthesis wearer

Symphonie Aqua Line

A revolution in impression technology for prosthetic sockets,

developed by the Romedis GmbH and awarded the 2017 German Federal Innovation Prize.


For the first time ever, the Symphonie Aqua System has made it possible to determine the stump’s burden within the prosthetic socket under actual conditions, and to produce a properly fitting plaster impression while the lower extremity is bearing the full weight.

The optimal hydrostatic pressure resulting from this technology allows the individual body weight a perfectly even and best possible transfer onto the stump. Consequently, an identical reproduction of the tissue and bony structures is produced before the plaster impression is made. Already at this point, the patient is able to give valuable information concerning the socket volume and bony parts of the stump.
When making the plaster impression, the patient is already able to burden the stump with his/her entire body weight. Under a full load, the hydrostatic pressure in the cylinder counteracts the patient’s body weight and compresses the stump’s surface. Consequently, a total surface weight bearing of the stump surface has been achieved. Bony structures and soft tissue situations can already be determined at the impression taking.


The Advantages

The plaster impression formed while under hydrostatic pressure (total surface weight bearing) offers the patient and technician the possibility of registering and describing existing pressure situations.

Before the socket is produced, factors such as prevailing pressure ratios, pressure points — as well as soft tissue situations in the socket — already become apparent, thus making individual provisions possible. The individual stump situation can exactly be taken into account when making the plaster positive.
Consequently, before the model is even created, the orthopedic technician already knows which feedback the patient will give in response to the socket. While bearing a full load, scarred, sensitive areas and prominent locations on the bone are clearly recognized. Likewise, this new procedure enables assessment of the stump situation under close consideration of the body weight and the resulting compression.

The interview with Mr. Christian D. confirms the ground-breaking capability of the Symphonie Aqua System. He has been a prosthesis wearer for 30 years and is convinced of the advantages of Symphonie Aqua produced sockets.
Before the Aqua System was developed, plaster impressions were fit to the stump by using the hands. However, an orthopaedic technician’s hand fitting can never build up pressure as evenly and extensively as is possible by using the Symphonie Aqua System. In the past, the problem was approached by working with selective points. Even a slight change of the stump immediately resulted in unpleasant pressure in the socket. The great advantage of the Aqua System is that the pressure built up at the stump is widely spread, so that the bodyweight is distributed much better.
Three weeks after trying on the prosthesis for the first time, I returned for follow-up inspection. And, what can I say – there wasn’t a single rectification needed on the socket. And up to today, about a half year after receiving a prosthetic socket with the aid of the Aqua System, I haven’t had even the slightest problem with the new prosthesis.
Back then, I donned the new prosthesis and walked immediately, without any problems and most importantly, absolutely free of pain. It was shortly checked to see if everything really fit properly. And that was it – no problems for months. No regrinding, no rework needed, nothing. From the beginning, everything just fit.

How has my life changed?

Previously, my old prosthesis just didn’t allow me to act on impulse. With the Symphonie Aqua System and new socket, this changed completely.

“There’s a pond – I’m jumping in!” I no longer even think about whether there are any disadvantages of the prosthetic socket getting wet.
Because of the even pressure distribution, one puts on the prosthetic socket without pain. In the past, when the pressure was distributed to certain points, I often had pain, as the entire weight was carried by only a few areas. Today, I even look forward to putting on the new prosthesis in the morning and feeling how the weight is distributed in the entire socket. And one feels this already at the first plaster impression. One immediately has a very secure hold and feels that the socket simply fits properly. That is just huge! And now I just ride; I sit on my bicycle and take off! Biking from Rosenheim (Germany) to Lake Garda (Italy) is no longer a problem at all for me. Next year we will be biking until we reach the sea, which will be 800 km. We’ll ride through and get there in two or three days.

Then, at some point,

my major goal – the America trip.

Bicycling from the East Coast to the West Coast. And I have to honestly say that without the Aqua System, such a trip would have been unthinkable. There was no deliberation at all about riding a bicycle. Now, it’s just absolutely fantastic!

Barrierefrei-Magazin September 2017 Issue

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